2018 Food Vendors

Twister's Ice Cream
Ice cream, italian ice, sundaes, taco salads, corn dogs, Red Osier beef on wick, drinks
Livonia, NY

Lonsberry Concessions
Fresh-squeezed lemonade, soft pretzels, nachos & cheese
John Lonsberry - Castile, NY

K & A Concessions
Fresh cut FF, mozz. sticks, fried pickles,
fried Raviolis, chicken fingers, deep fried oreos,
fried dough. Drinks - water, pop,& gatorade.
Mike Pagano - Leicester, NY

Our Family Diner
Hots, hamburgs, italian sausage
Denise Hahn - Piffard, NY

The Barn
Breakfast in the A.M.
Pulled Pork in the afternoon
Piffard, NY

2018 Food Vendors