2014 Vendor Feedback
“Excellent event!  Very well organized, clean, grass
mowed, great interaction with the community. 
We always enjoy it.  Thank you for all you do.”

“This was the first time participating and
thought it went well from my standpoint.”

“Thank you for putting together this festival.  I had a great
time, but didn’t get to leave my booth long enough to
really see all there was.  It was successful for me though!”

“Excellent show!  Organizers did a great job,
especially the young lady that ran around all day. 
I also look forward to next year’s show.”

“I came as a member of the Not Dot Shop.  We ended up with
a nice picture of us girls in the LCN.  So great for visibility.”

“I personally thought it was a good set up.  I didn’t have
any complaints.  Looking forward to next year!”